Creator Spotlight: JOY on Versus
December 1, 2021

Ready to bring some JOY into your life? Learn all about the esoteric artist who is riding his multi-dimensional portal into Flow on Versus!

Creator Spotlight: Lakshe Passion brings basketball and art together on Starly
November 5, 2021

Meet Lakshe Passion, one of the incredibly talented artists you can find on Starly. His mission to bring basketball and art together is one of the many highlights of the ecosystem coming to life #onFlow!

Partner Spotlight: Find your perfect basketball avatar with BALLERZ
November 1, 2021

BALLERZ is a basketball-inspired generative NFT set on Flow. Collect your favorite teams and jersey numbers, and show everyone you're a true baller!

Partner Spotlight: Fantastec SWAP brings Real Madrid and fútbol to Flow
October 30, 2021

Fantastec SWAP is on a mission to be home of the best NFTs in sports. Featuring official NFTs from Real Madrid, Real Madrid Women and other top clubs. Own a part of club history and collect iconic football moments.

Partner Spotlight: Non-Fungible Jokin' with Jambb
October 28, 2021

Jambb is on a mission to serve collectors by unlocking the value of digital content and empowering them to own cultural moments from their favorite comedians and entertainers with utility and exclusivity akin to physical collectibles.

Partner Spotlight: Mugen ARt augmenting reality on Flow
October 26, 2021

Mugen ARt provides fabulous digital collectibles with limited editions, covering celebrated IPs, popular designer toys, fine works from artists and more. All collectibles are NFTs with unique AR technology to present a fancy visual experience.

Partner Spotlight: Flowns, more than domain names on Flow
October 26, 2021

Flowns is launching a domain name service on Flow, ".fn", which will turn into a DAO over time. Permissionless, verifiable domain name registering is here.

Partner Spotlight: Enter the Matrix World on Flow
October 21, 2021

Matrix World is an open virtual world that enables users to build 3D immersive applications on top of several blockchains. The world is made up of Lands, which are issued as NFTs and permanently persisted on blockchain networks such as Flow. Get ready for an incredible metaverse experience.

Partner Spotlight: Racing Time brings high octane to Flow
October 19, 2021

RacingTime is a NFT-based next generation racing game built on Flow. A sophisticated refitting system and more than 50 types of performance enhancing accessories allow maximum customizability, while a variety of game modes offers players a novel, exciting racing experience.

Partner Spotlight: xtingles brings ASMR to NFTs
October 18, 2021

xtingles is the world’s first ASMR NFT marketplace for artists to auction their ASMR Digital Art. Discover ASMR with xtingles - your portal to forever bliss.

Partner Spotlight: Graffle, A Powerful Middle Layer for Flow
October 16, 2021

Graffle is a powerful service that allows developers to read, write, and historically access data off the Flow blockchain with any language and the tools they already know and love, like REST APIs and Webhooks.

Flow: Bringing Blockchain to Billions With the Power of Network Effects
October 15, 2021

There's a serious wave of momentum around the Flow ecosystem. Reviewing an incredible year of growth, adoption and scale #onFlow

Flow Fest 2021: Quotes, Keynote, Replay and More
October 13, 2021

Flow Fest, presented by The First Mint and Flowverse, is officially underway! Quotes, video highlights and more as the festival rolls on!

Inside Flow: The Multi-Node Architecture that Scales to Millions
September 16, 2021

By introducing the paradigm of pipelining through specialised node types, Flow’s multi-node architecture provides higher levels of throughput and decentralisation than existing solutions, while significantly enhancing ease of development, user experience and digital asset security , without relying on sharding or layer 2 solutions. It’s the blueprint for future-proof consumer-grade blockchain protocols.

Announcing FLIP Fest, the Flow Buildathon
September 15, 2021

The Flow FLIP Fest is a two-month event that will engage and reward participants for creating innovative and effective improvements to Flow. The goal of FLIP Fest is to empower developers to build solutions on Flow that will have a lasting impact on the developer community and broader consumer audience by extension.

Partner Spotlight: GigLabs is Building the NFT Bridge for Brands
September 2, 2021

Built by a talented team of blockchain veterans, GigLabs is bringing premium brands like CNN, Turner Sports, the Miami Hurricanes and more to Flow. Learn more about their NFT Bridge platform, and what's cooking in the GigLabs kitchen!

Welcome to the State of Flow
August 26, 2021

Welcome to the State of Flow series, highlighting what’s happening across different sectors on Flow. Whether it’s digging into collectible platforms, or detailing partners launching educational resources for Flow developers, surfacing the map of the entire ecosystem paints the picture of what’s being built on Flow every day. 

Creator Spotlight: Super Buddha
August 12, 2021

Super Buddha has made his mark on the art world all around the globe, and now, he's ready to bring his message of spiritual enlightenment to Flow.

Partner Spotlight: Blockparty - Premium NFT Marketplace
July 20, 2021

Blockparty is launching the first-ever multi-chain NFT minting and marketplace platform for Flow, complete with easy-to-use credit card payment onramps. The best part? Zero-cost minting of NFTs!

Decentology Launches Flow Online Bootcamp
July 16, 2021

Fast Floward your dApp development with Decentology's online bootcamp. Learn how to build a full-stack app end-to-end on Flow, and gain access to their incredible powerful tool, DappStarter.

Inside Flow: Cadence, The Language Made For Digital Assets
July 14, 2021

Cadence is a smart contract programming language specifically designed for managing ownership of digital assets of value, like art, collectibles or cryptocurrencies. In Cadence, digital assets are first-class citizens, making their accidental loss or malicious duplication impossible while providing fine-grained and human-readable access control. It’s a language that is faster to learn, easier to audit, and more productive.

Creator Spotlight: Ben Mauro on Versus and Evolution
June 29, 2021

Ben Mauro has been busy building his Evolution multiverse on VIV3, but he stopped by to give us an update on how that’s going, PLUS gave a sneak peek at what to expect from his upcoming auction on the Versus platform.

Project Spotlight: Enemy Metal
July 7, 2021

Are you ready to take your adventure to outer space? Enemy Metal is bringing blockchain gaming to new heights on Flow, with innovative concepts gamers will love.

Partner Spotlight: Mynft - East Meets West
June 25, 2021

Mynft is bridging the gap between Asian culture and mainstream NFT adoption with their all-in-one platform. The metaverse is growing globally, and Mynft is an authentic platform built to empower creators and collectors across Asian regions.

Flow’s First US Dollar-Backed Stablecoin Now Available
June 10, 2021

The first US dollar-backed stablecoin has arrived on Flow and it's available to all developers who want to offer their users the benefits of blockchain with the ease of fiat onboarding options, while augmenting user experience and unlocking a world of open access.

Inside Flow: The Power of Simplicity with FCL
June 10, 2021

The Flow Client Library (FCL) empowers developers to build blockchain-enabled applications faster than ever, revolutionizing the interaction between frontends, smart contracts and wallets — it’s a new tool for a new generation of builders. Now that FUSD is live on Flow mainnet, FCL is officially the recommended way to build on Flow.

Flow is Partnering with AppWorks Accelerator #23
June 4, 2021

Flow is excited to collaborate with AppWorks Accelerator in the launch of their 23rd batch (AW#23) for founders and startups working with blockchain technology.

Partner Spotlight: nWay - Olympics NFTs
June 3, 2021

nWay is proud to partner with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to launch the fully licensed NFT Olympic Pin Collection on nWayPlay. IOC and nWay chose Flow for its unique combination of scalability, usability, and environmentally sustainable features

Partner Spotlight: Eternal - Streamers Making History
May 20, 2021

Eternal is making sure the very best moments of streamers are captured... eternally! Their platform is built to reward fans and support streamers, creating an ecosystem authentically built for gamers.

Cadence Developer Insights: Learnings with Josh Hannan
May 7, 2021

Senior smart contract engineer Josh Hannan shares his insights and knowledge on Cadence, the resource-oriented programming language that powers Flow's blockchain technology.

Flow Partnerships: Insights into Music
May 5, 2021

What kind of experiences do artists and labels across the music industry want to create with blockchain technology, how do different elements of music fit into what kind of NFTs can be created, and what should builders be thinking about as they consider opportunities in this space? Learn all about it.

Partner Spotlight: Epix - NFT Platform to Power Them All
May 5, 2021

The veteran crypto team Epix has joined the Flow ecosystem, crafting premium next-gen user experiences on their platform. Learn all about their journey to Flow, and what they're building now.

Creator Spotlight: Ekaitza
April 27, 2021

Ekaitza has been in the crypto space since 2013, and years later, is now empowered as an NFT creator in the Flow ecosystem. Learn all about Ekaitza's journey, inspiration and more as the debut artist on the Versus platform.

Partner Spotlight: Dark Country - NFT Card Game x Metaverse
April 22, 2021

Dark Country is an NFT trading collectible card game based in the American Gothic setting, inspired by all-time classics like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. At its core, Dark Country is the kind of trading card game collectors have grown to love for decades, with brand new gameplay possibilities and systems enabled by blockchain technology.

Partner Spotlight: Versus - Novel Auction Model for Creators
April 15, 2021

Versus is thrilled to announce a brand new way for artists and NFT enthusiasts to engage with cryptoart. With the full transparency of building on Flow blockchain, and a unique solution to NFT drop!

Creator Spotlight Series: Ben Mauro
February 22, 2021

My name is Ben Mauro, I've been a senior concept designer and art director for the past 12+ years in the game and film industry on projects such as Call of Duty, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (film), ELYSIUM, Chappie, The Hobbit Trilogy, Valerian, Mortal Engines, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Man of Steel among many others.

How to grow a community around your project
February 2, 2021

In the decentralized world, communities can make or break any startup. To create trust in a trustless environment is a cumbersome but well worth task. This guide seeks to provide the reader with some of the necessary understanding.

VIV3 - NFT Marketplace to Empower Artists and Creators
January 26, 2021

VIV3, the first general marketplace on Flow is here. With VIV3 artists, game studios and brands can use VIV3 to mint unique tokens each representing their digital creations on the Flow.

Supply chain management and blockchain technology
January 21, 2021

The supply chain management industry has for long struggled with various problems reducing the efficiency with which a product gets to the end user’s hands. Causing global disruptions, the 2020 pandemic further exposed these issues, to which blockchain technology may be the needed answer.

Project Update: Chainmonsters NFT Drop
January 14, 2021

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new and exhilarating cross-platform multiplayer online game where you can catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience. In this Special Guest Blog Chainmonsters shares what they've been up to and what's to come.

Project Highlight: Chainlink
January 14, 2021

As the real and virtual worlds merge and more data than ever is transferred, it’s crucial for blockchains to securely incorporate that external data into dapps. What’s needed are decentralized oracle networks, such as Chainlink. Johann Eid, Product Manager at Chainlink Labs, answers questions on the project’s value proposition, opportunities, and long-term vision for smart contracts.

How to fund a blockchain startup?
January 7, 2021

In every startup’s journey, a moment comes when the question “How to fund it?” demands an answer. The answer will necessarily be different depending on the industry the startup finds itself in, and this dependence seems to play an even larger role when referring to the blockchain space.

A Year in Review with Flow - 2020
January 1, 2021

This year has been an undeniably challenging one for everyone around the world and our hearts go out to them all. Over at Flow, this has given us pause to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. Here is a year in review of what we have been able to achieve together in 2020.

A million copies and no original:  the Internet, digital ownership, and the blockchain
December 8, 2020

Filled with conflicting approaches to digital ownership, the Internet may still be in for a revolution, fueled by blockchain technology.

Flow Port is Here
November 27, 2020

Your portal to the decentralized world of Flow is here. We are excited to announce that Flow Port is now available.

Can DeFi defy centralized finance?
November 14, 2020

Decentralized finance (DeFi), its opportunities and challenges, and the adaptable nature of blockchain-powered first movers.

Meet the Team: Kim Cope on Bringing the Mainstream to Blockchain
October 23, 2020

Kim Cope discusses early experiences with crypto, bringing the mainstream to blockchain and her most used emoji.

Interact with Flow using Ruby
November 10, 2020

In this article, we'll explore how to interact with Flow using the Ruby programming language.

Partner Spotlight: Chainmonsters
October 15, 2020

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new cross-platform multiplayer online game where you catch, battle, trade and compete with digital creatures in a massive multiplayer open world experience. Learn more about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign and how you can get access to exclusive rare NFTs.

An interview with Roham Gharegozlou
October 7, 2020

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO and founder of Dapper Labs, sits down with Running Through Walls podcast host and Venrock partner, David Pakman, to talk about Dapper Labs, Flow, and the 5 stages of blockchain gaming evolution.

Partner Spotlight: Blocklete Games (Turner Sports)
September 29, 2020

Blocklete Games, developed by Turner Sports, is a new online sports video gaming experience that empowers fans to collect, train, trade and compete with unique digital athletes as they earn cash prizes and bragging rights along the way.

Meet the Team: Sadie Freeman Discusses how Flow Makes Crypto Accessible
September 11, 2020

Meet Sadie Freeman, Backend Engineer at Dapper Labs, working on NBA Top Shot. In this edition of Meet the Team, Sadie discusses how she got into technical stack development, how Flow makes crypto accessible and Pocket Rockets.

Using Ledger Nano with Flow
September 3, 2020

Ledger Nano devices safely store their user’s private keys enabling them to interact with the decentralized world in a safe and secure manner. Fortunately, Flow Blockchain, and the dApps built on it, support the use of Ledger Nano devices to sign transactions.

Meet the Team: Alan Carr on and Blockchain Podcasts
August 28, 2020

Meet Alan Carr, game loving technology enthusiast at Dapper Labs. Alan discusses how he got hooked on CryptoKitties, building and favorite blockchain podcasts.

Portto and Flow: a portal to the open world
August 27, 2020

This is a guest blog post from Hsuan Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Blocto. Portto is partnering with Flow to bring the simplest blockchain on-ramp experience to dapp users.

Meet the Team: Leo Zhang on Exciting Challenges and Hummus
August 21, 2020

In this edition of Meet the Team, meet Flow Engineer Leo Zhang. He discusses his journey at Axiom Zen, how he got into blockchain and his thoughts on hummus.

Intro to Flow with Go SDK
August 20, 2020

Flow Community Lead Daniel Podaru shares a tutorial covering an intro to Flow with Go SDK.

Meet the Team: Tarak Ben Youssef on Cryptography and Emojis 👌
August 14, 2020

Meet Tarak Ben Youssef, Cryptography Engineer at Flow. Read more about Tarak’s experience in cryptography, moving to Vancouver to join Flow and thoughts on emojis.

Meet the Team: Vishal Changrani on Getting Hooked on Flow
July 24, 2020

Meet Vishal Changrani, a core engineer over at Flow with a wide array of engineering experiences including bio-tech, enterprise applications, video delivery and now blockchain. In this edition of Meet the Team Vishal discusses what got him hooked on Flow and more.

Meet the Team: Mik Naayem on Startups and Crypto Partnerships
July 17, 2020

Meet Chief Business Officer at Dapper Labs, Mik Naayem. Mik shares with you his plethora of knowledge from working in startups, how he ended up at Dapper Labs and partnerships in the crypto ecosystem.

Meet the Team: Mickey Maher on Early Crypto Adoption and Neck Beards
July 3, 2020

Meet Mickey Maher, Head of Flow Partnerships and early crypto adopter. In this week’s Meet the Team highlight Mickey discusses what lured him to blockchain, favorite books and neck beards.

Meet the Team: Kan Zhang on Thrill Seeking in Tech
June 26, 2020

Engineering Manager at Flow, Kan Zhang discusses pushing the limits of tech and the many uses of hot sauce in this week’s Meet the Team.

Meet the Team: Alex Hentschel on Blockchain and Sandwiches
June 19, 2020

In this edition of Meet the Team, Lead Architect at Flow, Alex Hentschel discusses how he got hooked on blockchain, his love for math and sandwiches.

Alpha Innovation Series: Chris Kovalik on Blockchain Games and Vortex Rising
June 18, 2020

Chris Kovalik of Vortex discusses his experience coming to blockchain, Vortex rising and Warlocks class.

Meet the Team - Community Highlight: Max Starka on Blockchain Gaming and Giant Hamsters
June 12, 2020

Max Starka discusses how gaming brought him to the blockchain, why he loves building on Flow and giant hamsters in this edition of Meet the Team.

Alpha Innovation Series: TryCrypto on Creating Killer Blockchain Apps and Merkle Macaw
June 11, 2020

TryCrypto is on a mission to make blockchain more accessible to mainstream users. They are determined to allow developers to create killer blockchain apps with great UX. In this week’s Alpha Innovation series they discuss their vision, “Drink & Think” and Merkle Macaw.

Cadence Cup Round 3: The Results are Here
June 11, 2020

The results for Cadence Cup Round 3 are in and in first place comes @avcd’s NFT Memories project.

Meet the Team:  Mackenzie Kieran on What Brought him to Flow and SimCity
June 5, 2020

In this edition of Meet the Team, Mackenzie Kieran, front-end engineer at Flow discusses what brought him to Flow, book recommendations and SimCity. 

Alpha Innovation Series: Round Labs on Cadence and Building on Flow
May 28, 2020

Anshum Bhambri, founder and CEO of Round Labs shares what brought him to blockchain, the story behind Round Labs and why he decided to build on Flow in this week’s Alpha Innovation Series.‍

NBA Top Shot Showcases The New Benchmark for Cool
May 28, 2020

What made me fall in love with crypto is how it can augment the relationship between consumers and brands. This is the piece I think blockchain unlocks: A fan can now benefit from the economy of the brand.

 Flow at Consensus: Distributed: Roadmap and Mainstream Adoption
May 27, 2020

Flow team and partners hit the Foundations stage this year at Consensus: Distributed to present why we built Flow and how it will lead mainstream crypto adoption.

Meet the Team: Jeff Doyle on the Best Things in Life
May 22, 2020

Meet Jeff Doyle, one of the software engineers working on Flow’s JavaScript SDK. Jeff shares his thoughts on the best things in life and sandwiches.

Flow Alpha Innovation Series: B-Side Games on Chainmonsters and “NotAWasp”
May 21, 2020

In this week's Flow Alpha Innovation Series, B-Side Games joins us to discuss how they're building their next project on Flow.

 Meet the Team - Community Highlight: Daniel Podaru on Building on Flow and The Geminator
May 15, 2020

In this week’s edition of Meet the Team - Community Highlight, Daniel Podaru discusses why he decided to start building on Flow and his new movie idea.

Meet the Team: Dieter Shirley on Cryptography and Strawberry Jam
May 8, 2020

Meet Dieter Shirley, Flow’s Chief Architect and the CTO of Dapper Lab. Dete discusses cryptography, strawberry jam and more.

Flow Joins Consensus: Distributed’s Foundations Track
May 7, 2020

The team at Flow and guests will be joining Consensus: Distributed on Tuesday, May 12 at 9am PST/ 12pm EST to run a session on Flow - Fast, Scalable, Reliable Blockchain for Next Billion Users

Cadence Cup Round 3: Resources Owning Other Resources
April 28, 2020

Cadence Cup Round 3 is here with an exciting new challenge that allows you to explore the possibilities of resources owning other resources.

Meet the Team: Peter Siemens on Abstractions and Capri Pants
April 24, 2020

Meet Peter Siemens, a software engineer on the team. Peter discusses his thoughts on abstractions and capri pants.

Open Sourcing Flow Developer Tools
April 21, 2020

The Flow team is here with a suite of open source developer tools for building on Flow.

Cadence Cup Round 2: Results Are In and It’s Pure Art.
April 20, 2020

The results for Round 2 of Cadence Cup are in, a big congratulations to WittyKitty, Dennis, and Queen Cryptoria for their Art Voting contract.

Meet the Team: Layne Lafrance on Trustlessness and Grizzly Bears
April 17, 2020

Meet Layne Lafrance, the team’s project manager. Get her thoughts on trustlessness and grizzly bears.

Libra and Flow: Combining Resources for Open Source
April 14, 2020

Move, by Libra, and Cadence, by Flow, are the first two resource-oriented programming languages available to smart contract developers. The teams are now engaged in open source collaboration to ensure both communities can benefit.

What do NFTs, Open Ecosystems and Flow Playground Have in Common?
April 10, 2020

Dieter Shirley, the genius behind leading the Flow product, Layne Lafrance and Dapper Lab's fearless CEO, Roham Gharegozlou joined Staking Hub for an AMA about all topics Flow.

Meet the Team: Josh Hannan on Programming Languages and PBJ
April 9, 2020

Meet Josh! He’s one of the Smart Contract Engineers on the Flow team who helped design the Cadence programming language and also led development for the Cadence Smart Contracts standard library and tutorials.

Cadence Cup Round 2: Building Voting Mechanisms
April 2, 2020

Cadence Cup Round 1 wrapped, Cadence Cup Round 2 is kicking off, and we are more than average excited about voting mechanisms.

Cadence Cup Round 1: A Battle of Worthy Opponents
April 2, 2020

@MaxStarka ekes out a win in the battle of the great projects in Round 1 of the Cadence Cup. Everyone did impressive work! Count us inspired.

Fortmatic and Flow: A Magic Partnership
April 2, 2020

Fortmatic and Flow team up to jump-start mainstream adoption of crypto with easy onboarding and amazing content.

Cadence Cup Extended, 600+ Projects, and Play in Dark Mode
March 25, 2020

Cadence Cup Week 1 gets extended to March 30, 2020 and 400+ Projects have already been built on Flow Playground.

Test your skills on Flow Playground with Cadence Cup
March 18, 2020

Attention Developers: Test your Cadence coding skills on Flow Playground for a chance to earn prizes

Resource-Oriented Programming: A Better Model for Digital Ownership
March 5, 2020

Resources are a new way of representing asset ownership directly in the programming language. Flow introduces resource-oriented programming, a new paradigm that pairs linear types with object capabilities to create a secure and declarative model for digital ownership.

Introducing Flow Playground
March 5, 2020

Get a preview of building on Flow with the Flow Playground and Cadence.

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