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As a developer in FEAT (Flow Early Adopter Track) , you’ll learn the best practices of building decentralized applications and smart contracts (dapps) as well as incorporating crypto into more traditional products.

What is the ideal project for FEAT?

We’re looking for developers and designers with:  

What are the benefits of being in the program?

Members who are part of the partner program receive:

Dapper Labs investors include some of the leading VC firms and entertainment brands in the world, as well as the founders of Dreamworks, Reddit, Coinbase, Zynga, EA, and AngelList, among others

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Our Investors

FEAT Accelerator

Top projects in the program will be eligible for a more hands-on accelerator with deep involvement with the Dapper Labs & Flow teams, this includes:

Dapper Labs team members bring deep industry experience to help your business come to life

Roham Gharegozlou

Product and Strategy

Roham was previously CEO of Axiom Zen, the venture studio behind CryptoKitties, ZenHub, and Routific. He is also a seed investor in companies like Intercom.

Dieter “dete” Shirley

Technical Architecture

As the author of ERC-721, Dete defined non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. He was chief architect at Axiom Zen since 2013, previous to that he was at Atimi and Apple.

Caty Tedman

Marketing and IP

Prior to joining Dapper Labs, Caty served as VP of partnerships at Axiom Zen. Previously, She spent a decade in sports technology at the NHL, NFL, and ESPN.

Mikhael Naayem 

Consumer Platforms

Before helping start Dapper Labs, Mik was the founder and CEO of Fuel, a gaming platform he grew to 225M+ users before selling to Animoca in Hong Kong.  

Alex Shih

Finance and Legal

Before joining Axiom Zen in late 2017, Alex had a decade of experience working on the front lines of finance at KKR.

Mickey Maher

Game Platforms

Mickey was previously Head of Revenue at Upsight and prior to that at Unity. He has also held sales and BD roles at Sometrics and American Express.

Rafael Morado

Virtual Worlds

An expert in open economies, eSports, and game design of all flavors. Prior to Dapper Labs he was at CCP working on Eve Online, and before that, a decade at Ubisoft.

Richard Pocklington, PhD

Social Games

Richard is a former Stanford Lecturer with a decade of experience designing some of the worlds most successful game franchises including Glu and Hasbro.

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